Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jen Zen Yoga

I know its been awhile....I have been spending sometime thinking and searching. I am proud to announce the birth of, This has been a collabration of all that I love and will be spectacular. Please check back, the journay has just begun.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This ones's for you Deborah Michelle.....

Heres a few pics of the latest happenings in the Haire household. My mother came for a week and shared mothers day with us. We had a wonderful day. Mike and the kids went all out. We had a super fun week. Kathy our sweet 22 year old "daughter" also spent a week end with us. Kathy watched the kids for us in Utah when I was working and she really is a part of the family. Enjoy the pics :)

Mothers Day Breakfast

Croquet in our PJ'S

Queens in a Central Park Castle

Isn't he handsome????

Princeton with Kathy

NYC with Kathy

Cute Family Pic

Sunday, March 29, 2009

uh-oh broken arm

McKenna had a little basketball mishap...this is what happens when you fall and catch yourself with your arms! After a week of her being in pain I took her to the doctor and guess what...we have our first broken bone. She will have to wear the cast for 4 weeks and we are hoping it is off before the start of soccer season :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

At Last.....

Here is my camera broke and I have yet to buy a new one. I am wanting to talk to the Apple guys and find out what type of camera will be most compatible with my new MAC...I have had no time to do that so yes I am typing on my laptop that steams when in use and I am posting pictures taken with Elskas camera. We have had a most wonderful first quarter. We were treated to a vacation in Utah where we saw family, friends and loved ones.Below are a few pictures of the trip. We had a wonderful time. All it takes is a little bit of distance to realize how great you had it......we love our family and friends.

List of Favorite things:

1.) Delta--direct flight from Newark to SLC....the flight was nice. The kids are big now and I read an entire half of one novel.....

2.) Elska- picked us up, feed us and let us sleep. We then "borrowed" here extra car and left for the week end. I showed up on Monday moved lots of furniture and had a blast watching the Bachelor...he is still and class "A" jerk.

3.) Park City- It was great to come and be a true visitor. Great food and nighttime fun. Christi and Carlos made the trek to see us...we had a blast.

4.) Mimi- she insisted that she would watch the kids, fine be my guest.....they live with us we are over it :)

5.) Lindsey- She really should be first. She packed her 3.5 babies....half for the one in her belly and drove from Witcha Kansas to Utah just to see us. Her babies are blonde and WONDERFUL...I loved the morning we spent doing yoga...thanks for the trip and next time you pass a kidney stone make it at home and not 5 hours away from it. I love you more than you know.....

6.) Baby Lexi- I have a new niece and my bro is a new daddy. Jill was a trooper and chilled in the room while Ryan and the fam skied. The baby is more than perfect and Jill's family was so hospitable....

7.) Jo Jo- what can I say she looked great and was nothing but excited for her new Texas adventure.

8.) Dad and Pam- all I have to say is Chinese food and a good old hotel hallway. I should have taken a candle to burn and remember the week end by..... thanks for everything.

9.) Friends- other than family they made it fun....jelly beans and all :)

enjoy the pics and lets hope I get a new camera soon

Ski Utah

One Pregnant Lady To Go

These things keep your pants up!!

Aunt Jo Jo the kiddos and baby Lexi

Call me and I will tell you the story

Who's in charge here????

My favorite Picture

Are you guys sisters???? NOT SHE'S MY MOTHER!!!!

We love our Friends.....

Monday, January 26, 2009


My camera broke during Christmas so I have not been able to take pictures of anything. We really haven't had much going on. Mike has been busy at work and I am busy with the kids. I volunteer at the public library helping out with the used book sale they have every year and that is in full swing. I will post pics once I fix the camera issue. Jackson is busy learning to read and loves bringing "homework" home to work on. McKenna has played her first indoor soccer games and loves it. She loves that it is the perfect temp and fast paced. Hope everyone has recovered from the holidays and taking time to renew things. Mike and I have been running but I fell off the wagon last week.....that and my knees were killing me. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

An extra present for the family

My brother and his wife Jill received and extra Christmas present-- Alexandria Joy Coil was born a few weeks early on December 26th around 3:30 in the morning. She is a little over 5 lbs and 19 inches. She also has huge feet like her dad. Mom and baby are doing well.

The other exciting news is my sister Lindsey is carrying her 4th baby and she and Cory have requested that we all hope and pray she has a boy to add to their 3 girls. She is due in July around the time Corbin comes home from his mission. We are so happy and excited for them.

Santa Made a Visit

The kids had a great time and were super happy with all that Santa brought. Mike and I were amazed that they didn't wake up until after 7:00. We are so blessed. Hope all of our friends and loved ones had a wonderful holiday and a wonderful new year!!!